Susan L. Greig

Patient & Family Centered Care – Healthcare Social Media consultant, speaker, author

BC Children’s Hospital Site Development Report to PHSA Board

On April 24th, along with two other colleagues, I gave a presentation to the Provincial Health Services Authority (PHSA) Board.  It was exciting because it was really the first time I was able to detail completely how the patient and family voice has been integrated into the new BC Children’s Hospital site development project.

The Integrated Facility Design process itself is innovative and using LEAN principles to design a building is definitely going to create a product that is more patient and family centric.  The fact that BC Children’s is a patient & family centred hospital means that, like other projects at the hospital, we have embedded the patient & family voice.  What does this look like?  I sit on the project steering committe, am a member of the IFD CORE team (decision making body) and participate in all IFD events.   Several parent representatives from the Partners in Care Family Advisory have participated along with me during week long IFD events and we invite patients and families to attend tours of hospital mock-ups.  I’ve also been using various types of social media to ask questions and obtain rapid feedback from families to help the design group make decisions.

For more information on the project see:

Twitter: @CWRedevelopment
Questions email:
Phone: 1-855-857-3897

To contribute to the BC Children’s Hospital Foundation’s campaign supporting the construction of the new buildings, contact them at 604-875-2444 or visit



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