Susan L. Greig

Patient & Family Centered Care – Healthcare Social Media consultant, speaker, author


Susan L. Greig
Healthcare Consultant ~  Speaker  ~ Author

Patient and Family Centered Care
Susan assists healthcare organizations to develop patient and family centred care culture plans and programs.  The creation and sustainability of patient and family advisory programs is a key factor in the journey towards a culture of patient and family centred care and Susan has extensive experience in assisting a number of Canadian healthcare organizations to move forward.

In her work at BC Children’s Hospital, Sunny Hill Health Centre and BC Women’s Hospital as the Partners in Care Family Liaison, Susan created the innovative and unique Partners in Pajamas program in 2007.  This facet of the BC Children’s Hospital patient and family advisory program provides the opportunity for over 200 patients and families to give rapid feedback and participate in online surveys and polls, ensuring that their “voice” is heard in the creation of policies, programs and new hospital development.

Through the use of Partners in Pajamas and the ability to provide rapid user feedback Susan has partnered with the PHSA’s (Provincial Health Services Authority)  imPROVE lean management program.  Lean empowers staff to redesign their work processes, improve patient safety, quality and outcomes but the focus tends to be on improving things “for” users.  The inclusion of patients and families in Lean events and the use of rapid patient & family feedback brings a new and powerful dimension wherein staff work “with” users, resulting in a better understanding of patient flow and outcomes of events.

Healthcare Social Media
Susan serves as a consultant and has given keynote and plenary presentations as well as workshops on the patient and family perspective of social media use.  She keeps up with social media and internet trends and using both statistical and anecdotal information gathered from users she speaks on the challenges, the benefits, and the possibilities healthcare organizations have to connect in meaningful ways with patients and families.

Palliative & Bereavement Care
As a bereaved parent Susan is comfortable speaking of her experience as the mother of a child with a progressive life threatening illness.  She speaks about the importance of finding her voice as an advocate for her daughter and the meaning she finds in her life now through her role at BC Children’s Hospital, Sunny Hill Health Centre and BC Women’s Hospital.


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